Inscale Interactive worked In partnership with Hyundai Europe and GoPro, to produce the Fuel Cell 360 augmented reality campaign.  The interactive campaign was created to promote the Bergen to Bolzano European Road Trip, a promotional tour featuring the Hyundai ix35 Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle.

On Saturday June 11, 2016, the Team traveled along with Hyundai on a five day, five country, 2500 kilometer road trip from Bergen Norway to Bolzano Italy to promote this innovative, fuel cell, electric vehicle. The trip was all about efficiency: 5 days, 5 countries, 2500km, and zero emmissions!

This multi-part campaign included: an interactive augmented reality app, film production, 360 video production, car branding, print production and social media marketing to promote various parts of the road trip.

The Fuel Cell 360° App

Manufactured entirely in house, the “360° Fuel Cell App° was the key to pushing the boundaries of mobility and communication. Our app delivered cutting edge, location based, 3D, augmented reality, gamification and 360° video content throughout the entire journey.

Before the event, the app displayed a countdown until the start of the promotion, then as the event commenced, displayed an combination of features, including augmented reality, 360 videos, a 3D view of the ix35 vehicle and a card game.

“The app is an interesting, multi featured promo idea for the automotive industry because it is one of the first apps that offers location based, real-time augmented reality, 360° video content all in one. The app can display different content that can be pushed to the app, depending on the location.”
– AR/VR Magazine

You can download the Fuel Cell 360 app on iTunes and the Google Play Store.

VIsuals, Maps, ID’s & Google Cardboard

For visuals, our designers created posters, ID cards and a map, depicting the ruggedly beautiful route, to greet the drivers at each location and to act as a marker for the app.

The map acts as a trigger, which, when scanned with the app, gave realtime information about our team’s location on the tour.

360° Video Production

Our personalized vehicle was fitted with a set of GoPro 360° camera rigs, which allowed the team to film some spectacular scenic 360° video footage during the journey. The promotion also included a set of branded Google Cardboard VR viewers which were distributed along the way to the press, so they could view the 360° videos as they were released.



The team worked closely with both the Hyundai and GoPro PR and Marketing teams to produce promotional content and market the trip on social media. Each stage of the trip was used to highlight both local points of interest as well as strategic Hyundai and Hydrogen refuling stations.


This project was an exciting challenge to push the boundaries of what could be possible. It was planned and rolled out on a very short timeline, and the team had a lot of fun.

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